GIFs Are Becoming Alive! (*Try PARTY Now!)
When people go to a holiday or another special event, they take photos all the time and share on a social platform or keep private for themselves. What is interesting here is the photographs are always static images that we are using at 21st century and this is not acceptable. On this day, with the technology we have, our photographs must be dynamically moving, dancing and chilling! Here, ALIVEGIFS is working on to bring live photos to the human beings. The first step is to make GIF images alive. To provide this, ALIVEGIFS adds the reversed version of the GIF file at the end of it so the movie becomes perfectly looped.

What is the best practice?
The best practice to apply ALIVEGIFS effect is choosing short GIF images. Long ones are not very suitable for the applied effect and it does not seem like it is alive (check the samples at the home page).

How to use?
You can either upload your GIFs or paste the links where they are located to the system to get your ALIVEGIFS! Let's try!

What is the best usage area?
The best usage area is to apply ALIVEGIFS effect to the selfie gifs. By this, you will be alive everywhere that you state it!

New feature: ALIVEGIFS Party!
Hold on your seat because you won't believe your eyes! With ALIVEGIFS Party you can enjoy randomly playing perfectly looped gifs while playing your awesome music in the background. I was using this personally and decided to ALIVEGIFS folks to cheer a lot as I do! Try it now with this link!

Who is Bahadir Tasdemir?
Bahadir Tasdemir, the owner of the ALIVEGIFS, is an IT professional who loves coding. With this initial step, the aim is to provide "real" alive images to the human beings. For more information please visit his personal website

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